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“Compact 40-gallon per batch unit easily converts vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel that can be run in any diesel engine with little or no modifications. Features all steel piping, digital controlled timing system and quality components. U.S.A.”

Product Information

Features and Benefits

· Digitally controlled timing system

· Inline heating system prevents overheating

· Has water wash with timer

· Dry wash capable

· Uses one 15 Amp 110V power supply

· Hand pump safely mixes methanol and catalyst with no sparks

· TECF 720 GPH processor pump mixes methaloxide and oil

· Typically requires less than 2 hours of hands-on time per batch

· Black iron piping

· Braided urebrade tubing

· Brass valves

· MDPE plastic tanks

· Includes complete titration kit to test oil before conversion to biodiesel, quick start guide and users manual

· Titration kit includes scale, beakers, pipet and pump, funnels, stirs, syringes, 200g of KOH and 355ml of methanol and alcohol (for test patches), gloves, apron, goggles, respirator, PH indicator and instructions

Key Specs

Capacity (gal.) = 40

Methanol (gal.) = 15

Ship Weight = 150 lbs

Pump = 1 HP, 720 GPM

Oil Reservoir (gal.) = 55

Catalyst/Chemicals = KOH or NaOH

Oil Type = New or waste vegetable oil

Power Requirements = 15 Amp / 110 Volt

Manufacturer Warranty = 12 months limited parts / No labor